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The free online photo editor iSkysoft Photo Studio is a powerful program that allows you to edit your photos without the hassle of downloading and installing software. All you have to do is to choose your own background or use one of the 20 pre-loaded ones. The program can be used by people of all levels of ability and there are a variety of effects available. This program is easy to use and allows you to edit all photos on the screen.

DreamDownload was named as one of the top five download websites. Apart from all these features, you can also have an option for instant downloads. For those who wish to download an antivirus utility in a hurry, that is the best thing they can look for in a website. DreamDownload keeps its balance between quality and quantity. With other download sites, quality tends to suffer and quantity tends to suffer. Here on DreamDownload, quality and quantity always go together. So, if you want to download an antivirus program, which would be your first choice?

SBI is where you find all of your free software. They rank thousands of software on the basis of its popularity and the number of downloads. You’ll find all of your popular software at this site. While their search method is easy, it’s kind of time consuming. Their indexing is relatively poor and there is no way you can find out the name of a software. But they really do offer great software to download.

FilesTube is a free and legal site where you can find videos, playlists and news. The founder of this site is no fan of Torrents and so he has taken measures to block all torrents. He makes use of Facebook and Twitter to his own benefit. This can, however, be viewed as another argument for the social media revolution. Regardless of all this, FilesTube remains a free and legal search engine for free software.


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