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Do you want to get hooked on the latest games? Other than Steam, the single best way to do that is GreenManGaming. It lists literally every game going, and all of them include developer info, price, game description, and sometimes even release dates. In addition to its comprehensive game library, GreenManGaming also has special features for specific platforms like Xbox One and PlayStation 4. For instance, the Xbox One has an Xbox Game Pass category. You can get it all in one place on this site.

The App Store is home to all your favorite apps. But the process of downloading apps on your PC can be more difficult. The Mac App Store isnt much better, and using Third-Party App Stores can be tricky. Then there are the apps that require special permissions, or that come preinstalled on your device. To get the best of the best, Torrents for Mac will handle all those complexities and more.

Hakaret (which means cat) is a content manager thats perfect for small-time torrent users. It has a clean interface, but it lacks a lot of the advanced features of other tools like the. In that way, it works great for small groups of people, but for those of you who want to do it the right way, you may be better off with something more powerful. Additionally, unless its fully patched, its not a good idea to use it on your main computer.

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