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Name House of Weirdos
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.64 / 5 ( 8897 votes )
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Wicked is a free 2D running game on Steam.
The game is a combination of tactical battles, gunfight elements, and puzzle-solving.
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In this first mod, you play the role of John, a Vietnam veteran from Philadelphia. You must navigate through the maze of the local high school, dodging hook ups from the woman in the school. After a complete suicide attempt, it is clearly impossible to return to the real life in the eyes of your parents.

In the second part, you will be with a girl named Clara, who is your secret lover. At first, she follows your instructions, but as you progressively increase your time at the school, Clara starts to develop a taste for danger. You must escape from the educational institution and keep your love alive.

Your task is to jump from a space and make your way to the end of the screen. If you do not succeed, you lose your next life. You will notice a lot of obstacles, which you must jump over to reach the end of the level. Be careful not to fall of the screen. A rope can help you get back up.

This is the first 2D platformer with complete hand drawn art for the Xbox 360. Join out Academy in this randomly generated endless runner! Run, run and run until you no longer can and discover the secrets of the Academy. Journey and discover what magic skills are hidden in the spaces and secrets of the Academy!

After many years of being on hold, the game “Revenge of the Giant Stars” has finally returned. This is a 2D platforming game with puzzle elements. Run around and dodge giant robots and colossal monsters!

You are a new teacher, so all the kids have a nice attitude towards you. However, there are exceptions. One of them is Gavin. He is a brat that just wants to dominate everything. He will not let you teach in peace.

To stop him, you will have to turn all the classrooms upside down with your awesome spells. But it is only half of the story. There are still many students to help in this adventure. Even the janitor!

In this awesome oldschool style runner you will have to finish all your courses as fast as possible to win! Along the way you have to solve a lot of puzzles to unlock


House Of Weirdos Features Key:

  • New class: Devastator
  • New weapons: Cannon, Pen, Plasm Axe, Cyndactyl
  • Jumping, climbing, standard fire
  • 4 new achievements
  • New environment: Neopolis
  • Game speed increase
  • Set of achievements for:

    • Aimless jump (1)
    • Bulletproof – sniper (1)
    • Roundy – medic (1)
    • Devastate – melee weapon specialist (1)
    • Demolition – explosive specialist (1)

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    What’s new in House Of Weirdos:

      45 龍龍 激战爭霸 (Dragon Fighter)
      P-1109 ラテン空襲塔援護 (Latinum Air Raid Support Tower)
      AP-179 フェイスフォース (Face Guns)
      AP-93機間装甲 (Armor Up)
      AP-1000通常アンテナとタイヤボーンの整備機 (AP-1000 Standard Antenna & Tire Booster)
      AP-1100空雷アンテナとタイヤボーンの整備機 (AP-1100 Air Ion Antenna & Tire Booster)
      AP-1900 高エネルギー装甲 (High Energy Armor)
      MP-1000軍司令隊ナノコンダス (NanoCommand CD)
      AP-3B ロットフレイルを掛けるシェフトモード (Armor Up Mode)
      MP-3태양 (Tamura)
      MP-1 ハイボールシフト (High Ball Shift)
      MP-2 スコップシフト (Surplus Switch)
      MP-100 ハイレシピモード (High Recipe Mode)
      MP-200 スコットシフト (Scoff Switch)
      MP-30 モードオーダー (Mode Ordering)
      MP-900 エリソンスコード/ハイエーモードのみ追加 (Mode Only: Erism-S)
      MP-17 エリソンウェポン/ロータスコード/ハイエーモードのみ追加 (Mode Only: Erism-W)
      MP-18 エリソンヘルス/ロータスコード/ハイエーモードのみ追加 (Mode Only: Erism-H)
      MP-201 流氷モード振動増殖弾改装機 (Cryogenic Mode Radiation Amplifier) (RAIII)
      MP-7 パックマスター ア


      Free Download House Of Weirdos Crack Activation Code [32|64bit] [2022-Latest]

      Colossus Down is a brutally hard action-platformer where you play a paramedic trapped inside a wounded, dying space station who must not only defeat a maniacal company man intent on blowing it up, but save his love, as well. Jump, roll and blast to your heart’s content as you battle hordes of terrifying enemies from hell and play intense platforming action.
      An original music soundtrack available on PC, Mac and Linux.
      An epic story based on an original character – an eccentric loner named Jonas.
      Remastered platforming action.
      Epic boss battles.
      A pixel-art graphic engine designed by David O’Sullivan.
      This cool new 3D graphics package includes new animations and high-res textures.
      Extra new features such as the Extra Life mode, level editor and more.
      How to install:
      Move the folder
      “C:\Program Files (x86)\Koch Media\Colossus Down\ColossusDown”
      into your game folder
      “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Colossus Down”
      Then play the game.
      How to use the game:
      Colossus Down:
      “Colossus Down” offers three difficulty levels: normal, hard and extra-hard.
      The game has two difficulties: Normal and Hard.
      The game has two difficulties: Normal and Extra-Hard.
      The game has two difficulties: Normal and Extra-Hard.
      The harder difficulty levels offer more difficult enemies.
      Extra Life:
      This mode allows you to return to the protagonist’s ship to collect money, which increases the protagonist’s health and weapon capacity.
      Press Start / Return key to pause the game, or press Alt and Enter keys for keyboard controls.
      Known issues: If you encounter any problems using the game, try re-installing it.
      Please be aware that if you pause the game and your computer does not automatically reboot, make sure that your computer has enough power to prevent loss of progress.
      Stickman mode:
      This mode allows you to play the game in 2D mode.
      For Stickman mode you need:

      C:\Program Files (x86)\Koch Media\Colossus Down\stickman


      Last copy of original soundtrack
      This game was made for PC and


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    System Requirements For House Of Weirdos:

    As PC, Mac and Linux aren’t the only players, we’ve also made an XBOX and PS3 version, which are quite similar, but with some differences:
    – Use of the gamepad is required on the PS3 and XBOX, not for the PC version.
    – The gamepad is not configurable in the PC version, just the keyboard.
    – There is an autosave system in place on the XBOX and PS3, where if you’re not playing within 5 minutes, a new savegame is uploaded and written to disk.


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