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Grahame Green is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera, “EastEnders” played by Simon Hughes. He is married to Ruth, and they have three children, Danny, Isabella and Fionn. He was first a gardener at “The Big House” at Coventry House when his mother and younger brother, Adam, died and he became overworked in the job. He then moved with his family to the Dartington House in Ballymena. Green began to try to get his family back into better shape by working hard to fit into the family lifestyle and was also following modern society by buying expensive clothes, drinks and clubs. Green then turned to smoking and drunk driving and became addicted to cocaine. He would eventually go on to become addicted again to alcohol after this illness, and he left his family for a job at a cardboard factory in Dublin. Green eventually got his family out of the house, and introduced his wife, Ruth to his depression by giving her a hint that he and her family would be leaving. Green was coerced into stealing a fountain by his brothers, and was about to attack his brother Albert at a friend’s house when he heard that the fountains were being installed. Having turned the foggiest of times in his life around, Green was considered a public enemy by his family and soon began to drink heavily, stealing money from his bank account to use to buy his brother’s drink.
Having finally found a job, Green met his future wife, Maria “Mara” Grafton, who had previously been married to his brother, but had inherited a money lender’s collar. After Graftons got married, they soon divorced, and in the beginning of 2011, Green began dating one of his former co-workers Jenny Pendleton. While watching a series of news bulletins in his car, Green came across a picture of his brothe



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