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Happy Go Lucky 2014 720p 19 ((HOT))

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Happy Go Lucky 2014 720p 19 ((HOT))

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Happy Go Lucky 2014 720p 19

80. as the centurion said to jesus: all you want is for my life. for at that time i was living under my parents roof. but god raised me up when he sent me to you. and you have healed me (mk 10, 31-34). for the lord had received him into his heart, and he lived. and when he was dying he said, “this is eternal life, the person coming after me to live is the one having been healed of his disease, and i choose that they should go away and are forgiven all of their sins.”

any one can seek out good content. but what is the point of doing so, if the knowledge that is conveyed is not incorporated in the soul in a meaningful way? one way to remain faithful to the word of god is by considering the gospel more closely, opening it to reading, studying it, considering its meaning, its secrets, as a compendium of the best wisdom.

17. we should not forget that, besides putting jesus on a pedestal, we need to support him to stand on his own feet. rather than giving ourselves to jesus as though he were our father and mediating between us and god, we should consider jesus as the capable person through whom we can know god, and who serves as the first example for us, both in the things he did, and in the way in which he lived. for jesus incarnated the father and made him present to us, showing us a way to know god. in him, god has entered human life in order to reveal his love in the way of the cross; through him he has taken on human nature to save us. it is true that jesus is at the centre of god’s life and love, yet he has only come to bring us to god, he has no other role.


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