Geopolitical Simulator 4 Power Revolution

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Geopolitical Simulator 4 Power Revolution

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Geopolitical Simulator 4 Power Revolution

The first thing you do once you start playing Power Revolution is setting up your cabinet. Go through each cabinet position and fill them with the people you want. Whenever you are filling them up you will see a pop-up with either the popularity or disapproval of that individual. You will also see a list of issues they can have. Choose the issues you want them to have and they will be added in their cabinet accordingly. When you’re done filling the cabinet click on the head of state in the cabinet (you’ll see a little black character) and you can manipulate them for your own benefit. If you want to corrupt the cabinet you can as well corrupt the senate (you’ll need at least a majority in the senate in order to corrupt the cabinet) and you can corrupt them by letting them go through a trial.

There are only a few types of careers in Power Revolution. You can work for either the government, the corporations, international banks, or the UN. However, you can only work for a certain type of corporation at a time. There is no way to switch corporations during a session and I do not recommend trying to do so. Since I only played through the game for the first time last week, I cannot say whether this is a mere omission of the game or not.

One of the nice things in Power Revolution is the fact that you do have control over the world. You can do almost anything to it. Of course, it’ll be a bit easier if you turn on off automatic saves. However, you can also choose to save the game manually at any time. Power Revolution allows you to quickly share your saves with your friends through the facebook. For this, all you have to do is go to the menu and select it. It will share any loaded save file with you. However, be careful that what you’re sharing with your friends could be dangerous to your game.


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