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Free Photo Slide Show is a simple-to-use software application which allows you to put together multiple images in a slideshow for presentation purposes. It comes bundled with several handy options that are easy to figure out by users, even the ones with little or no experience in such applications.
Quick setup and user-friendly GUI
The installation procedure is a fast and easy task which does not require special attention. The tool is wrapped in a regular window with a plain and simple structure, where images can be added by entire directories, including or excluding subfolders. They can be sorted by name or date, and the supported formats include JPG, BMP, ICO, PNG, EMF, WMF and GIF.
Configure slideshow settings easily
It is possible to enter full screen mode, view the next or previous image in the sequence, rotate pictures, zoom in and out, change the sequence order (forward, reverse or random), disable loop mode and transition effects or change the transition duration, apply effects (e.g. random, cross fade, wipe), as well as set slides to change automatically and specify the frequency.
What's more, you can enlarge small images and reduce the large ones to fit, customize the background color or assign an image instead, make it tiled, stretched or centered, hide the status bar, as well switch to another UI language.
Evaluation and conclusion
There were no type of issues in our tests, since Free Photo Slide Show did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. It has a good response time and runs on low CPU and memory, so its impact on PC performance is minimal. Its interface looks outdated but, other than that, Free Photo Slide Show delivers a simple solution to creating slideshows and modifying settings, and it can be used by anyone.







Free Photo Slide Show 5.94 Crack + With License Code Free [Win/Mac]

Key Features

Add photos from entire directories and subdirectories without limiting the selection to include or exclude images in subfolders.

Configure slideshow settings easily and preview them.

Crop, resize and rotate pictures without quality loss.

Free Photo Slide Show Screenshots:

More Software Like Free Photo Slide Show

AgendaPhoto Slide Show is a simple-to-use software application which lets you create presentations and slideshow on your own. AgendaPhoto Slide Show has an option to browse through images, add new ones from removable storage drives, edit images with neat effects and then automate the slideshow.
Key features include creation of folders and subfolders that organize images by name and date. The app also lets you add, cut and paste images, browse through them in the slideshow, view them one by one, apply various effects, and trim the height and width of images. In addition, it allows you to add captions and attach files to photos.
There is a basic slideshow creator with basic options such as transition effects, random mode, loop, display the next or previous image in the sequence, set slide show duration and how often to update images.
The functions in AgendaPhoto Slide Show are neat and easy to use, especially when compared with the features in previous version of this program. User interface is very intuitive and the application requires little attention and effort to use. It offers a large selection of effects and effects, and can handle all types of image files.
It also allows users to cut out images and parts of images and then insert it to a slideshow. The only problem with this software is that it is not possible to synchronize photo frames without third-party software. Overall, AgendaPhoto Slide Show has a good user interface and neat design.
AgendaPhoto Slide Show Evaluation:

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Free Photo Slide Show 5.94 Crack+

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Free Photo Slide Show 5.94 With License Code [Updated] 2022

FreePhotoSlideshow is a fast and easy photo slideshow/presentation software. Features include:
-Sort by date, name, multiple folders or count of photos;
-Configure auto-rotate and different transitions for your slide shows;
-Configure your slideshow with different themes, such as sunrise theme, classic themed, etc;
-Save/Load slide shows as a.ppt file;
-View slide shows as a.ppt file;
-Configure background color and image size. The size of an image displayed in a slide show can be changed;
-Overlay picture from the folder on the slideshows.
-Enable slideshow for existing photos, take pictures from the webcam and make slide shows from pictures taken by the webcam.
-Set the wallpaper for the last picture in the slideshow.
-Configure slide show not to full screen, or slide show play full screen;
-Setup music for slideshow, play music before each slide show starts;
-Create and load slide shows through USB pendrive;
-Change the volume, brightness, contrast, etc for picture.
-Make slide shows for video/audio files.
-Create photo book from the slideshow.
-Create slide shows with picture slideshows;
-Create slide shows from pictures taken by the webcam;
-Create slide shows for pictures taken by camera.

FreePhotoSlideshow: Personalized Photo Slideshow for Windows

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April 30, 2006











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April 13, 2006

Nahum Levy

I did not like it. There was no real reason to use it. It is a pretty lame program. Perhaps someone who knows better could say why I am wrong.

In my opinion, it is the best title to display the screen shots. It is useful, but it is just a fancy title.

April 12, 2006

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What’s New in the?

Free Photo Slideshow Maker is a new and innovative slideshow maker. Using this simple-to-use application, users can create free-of-charge slideshow presentations in jpg, png, emf, wmf or psd formats. Although this slideshow maker is free, we emphasize that it is the ultimate “design your own” toolkit. It can be used to create perfectly designed slideshow templates to be used as is or to be customized by any user, including editing any part of it. Our team consists of professional designers and programmers, so we know how to make this slideshow maker user-friendly and easy to use. Moreover, if you need anything more – just ask!
New techniques for slideshow
We are happy to present our new techniques for slideshow design. Now it’s easier to design your own slideshow with Free Photo Slideshow Maker. Using our new techniques, you can use image slideshows to promote your company, events, services or any other project. With just one click, you can insert photos and adjust them in any aspect, and make a perfect image slideshow that can be used in any website or in your presentations. We are sure that our new slideshow builder will help your business and attract more customers.
So, let’s go!
What’s New in Free Photo Slideshow Maker:
– Support for common image formats.
– On-the-fly editing of various parts of the slideshow, including background, title, and any other text, album, image, shapes or background.
– Number of layouts and design choices.
– Support for many layouts, including 3D and 2D rotation, and almost any transition between slides.
– Unlimited work on photo slideshow with up to 999 slides.
– Ability to display video slideshow.
– Video slideshow supports jpg, png, gif, wmv and mp4.
– Ability to select specific areas of the slideshow background.
– Ability to create “stylish” slideshow.
– Ability to cut and paste a slideshow into another slideshow or story.
– Ability to use multiple slides.
– Ability to send slideshow to your email by click and drag.
– Ability to print (transparent background) and email slideshows to your friends.
– Immediate slideshow editing, with the ability to edit the slideshow in virtually any aspect.
– 100% free design tools, so that you can create your own free-of-charge slideshow using your favorite background, slide title and company

System Requirements For Free Photo Slide Show:

OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1
CPU: Quad-core 2.8Ghz, Hexa-core 3.8Ghz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R9 270
HDD: 1 GB for OS, 16 GB for main
DirectX 11
OS: Windows 10
CPU: Intel Core i7-3820 or AMD Ryzen 5 1600

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