Fondamenti Di Fisica Halliday Sesta Edizione.pdf ((NEW))

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Fondamenti Di Fisica Halliday Sesta Edizione.pdf ((NEW))

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Fondamenti Di Fisica Halliday Sesta Edizione.pdf

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Fondamenti Di Fisica Halliday Sesta Edizione PDF.pdf?Search

A semi-coherent opinion on what’s going on with the sausage machine in Boston

Where did you go?

Monday, June 24, 2017

Kerr Tremont

I’m not sure what’s worse: 7 years of watching these judges rot from the inside, or watching and listening as they are publicly shamed in the media by people who have absolutely no idea how to evaluate anything other than f***ing shallow, vapid pop culture trivia. If you got your politics from Fox News, you’d probably think that most of these judges would be capable of stuffing broccoli in their butts and driving a Fiat. They are a bunch of mainstream, vaguely progressive but basically useless idiots.

This is why the Boston Archdiocese’s choice of this year’s inductee into the Golden Ring of Ballyhoo is most heartening. Krissy Lemieux’s was probably the only sane response possible in this situation:

Kerr Tremont was among two men who had their children taken from them by social services and who then formed a relationship they did not intend to keep.

Her inclusion doesn’t mean that the Archdiocese hasn’t had its share of terrible people. But at least she’s taken one step forward in doing something about it.

The Archdiocese accepted a very public censure last year for its handling of Cardinal Bernard Law’s. Which is just the kind of honest self-appraisal I hoped to see from the Archdiocese over the last seven years. It’s a shame it couldn’t have occurred yesterday.

Sunday, June 23, 2017

The High Court has again ruled that corporations are persons. This should scare the fek out of all of us. Corporations are not creators. Corporations are not agents. If a corporation refuses to behave as an agent, the corporation should be sued for fraud.

There are times when the word indigent truly applies. But this is not one of those times.

Friday, June 21, 2017

No, I’m not talking about the Bloomberg thing. I’m talking about a continuous stream of mindless rants from Archconservative Fred’s Reunion of the Ancient Wisest of Republicans. Here’s a taste, anyway.

Hey, Fred, have I mentioned that I’m the President?

Yeah, I know he’s not the President any more

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