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FeedGhost Crack + Activation Code With Keygen Free [April-2022]

RSS reader that allows you to access the latest news in a customizable workspace. It comes with support for different view modes, article prioritization options, searches, and tags.
Intuitive design
The GUI is very well organized and impresses with its coherent and easy-to-follow features. Plus, if you hover the mouse cursor over a certain parameter, you can view a short description about its function.
A wizard-like assistant helps you configure initial settings related to the preferred reading style, namely Google Reader’s ‘river-of-news’ or Outlook-style list of article summaries. You can start with some example subscriptions or add custom ones from OPML or XML file format. Customizing the layout can be done with the aid of colorful themes.
You can switch between the available view modes with a single click and activate the full screen display to focus solely on news reading. Another helpful element integrated in the GUI is the multi-tabbed layout which enables you to keep different articles opened at the same time.
Manage subscriptions
FeedGhost gives you the possibility to perform searches to quickly identify news, visit a feed’s website directly from its interface thanks to the built-in web browser, mark all feeds as read, delete or refresh news, set priorities (high, medium or low), send emails with the selected feed via an external client, as well as organize feeds into custom folders.
What’s more, you can sort feed data by name, add a subscription by dragging links from your web browser or right-clicking in IE, export subscriptions to OPML file format, and make file associations for RSS and ATOM items. FeedGhost is able to add an entry to the IE right-click menu so you can quickly subscribe to feeds and tag webpages.
Feed list
It’s easy to maintain your feeds and select only the best entries. The integrated scheduler will automatically fetch feeds from your preferred sources, so you don’t have to add them manually. You can set specific times, for example, to fetch news from some favorite websites at certain times of the day.
A wizard-like assistant enables you to configure initial settings related to the preferred reading style, namely Google Reader’s ‘river-of-news’ or Outlook-style list of article summaries. You can start with some example subscriptions or add custom ones from OPML or XML file format. Customizing the layout can be done with the aid of

FeedGhost Crack Keygen For (LifeTime) For PC

With FeedGhost, you can easily access the latest news and read it in a comfortable and intuitive manner. The dynamic view mode system provides you with the best of both worlds, which is to say that you can see a summary of an article without having to open it in a browser.
What’s more, the presentation is optimized for reading articles on a wide variety of devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. You can customize the look-and-feel of the application, but when it comes to the advanced settings, you can either use Feeds.app or the settings page to adjust the parameters. You can also set the default email client, choose an RSS icon, and change the language and various other settings.
Key features include sorting, searching, saving subscriptions, and adding feeds from websites. Each feed can have its own viewing layout, you can search for feeds that run on multiple servers, include ones that are on top of the current page, and view detailed information about a feed. You can also include specific feeds in your favorites, which can also be shared on your social networking accounts.
You can quickly jump to any news story, view the feed URL, and navigate to its website directly. Plus, you can add multiple feeds and keep track of items with tags.
What’s more, you can store subscriptions for offline viewing and also publish your own feeds. You can also subscribe to feeds from a number of popular RSS readers.
You can also sync Feeds with your favorite web browser to keep a local copy of the news and access it from any device.
FeedGhost reviews:
* Very stable – If you’re experiencing issues you can message support
* Customer service is responsive
* Support has been helpful and quick
* The Feed Ghost customer service team is accessible on Facebook
* Great collection of ratings across the web
What to consider:
* You’re using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. If you use anything else, you may not be able to use the application
* A recent version of OS X and Firefox or Safari
* 24 days of premium
* The application needs to be downloaded to your hard drive and ran from it. Most Macs don’t allow you to install applications on your device

HollyGhost is a great reader for RSS and ATOM feeds. It can import OPML and XML subscriptions, send them via email or export them. It can switch between view modes and display article summaries. It also has a powerful search feature for

FeedGhost Crack +

Windows/Mac OS X multimedia RSS aggregator for popular news feeds from a wide range of websites. New features: feeds import from OPML, RSS/Atom feeds add to your subscriptions from the browser, customizable web browser; feed export to OPML, link bookmarking; import subscriptions from Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, Yandex.Mail, IMAP, POP3 email accounts; feed forwarding to other feeds; superfeed and supercloud service; RSS syndication and autoblogging.
FeedGhost Requirements:
– Windows/Mac OS X 10.3 or later versions.
– 25,000+ feeds from 170+ websites (including user-subscribed feeds)
– Preview allows quick look at the article before opening the entire article in a new window.
– “Tag” allows users to associate context to individual news items.
FeedGhost Pros:
– Feeds import from Google Reader for Gmail and Hotmail/Outlook
– Presets for 15 different RSS reader view modes (see above)
– Automatic import of the following RSS feeds
– Automatic import of Google Reader subscriptions
– Automatic import of the following ATOM feeds
– Advanced feed management interface with a wizard-like assistant
– Add and manage feeds from the browser
– Create custom folders from any feeds or website
– Manage subscriptions
– Feed deletion
– Feed refreshing
– Feed reordering
– Feed edit
– Batch feed deletion
– Batch feed refreshing
– Export to OPML
– Import from OPML
– Send email attachments for a certain feed
– View/edit feeds in the web browser
– Alerts from the feed change
– Manage homepage feeds
– News can be categorized
– Querying on multiple parameters
– Use Google Reader view
– Search for other feeds
– RSS syndication
– Web feed syndication
– Blacklist feeds and tags
– Keep feeds out of archive
– Check feed status
– Use custom summaries
– Read feed on a different screen and maintain background feed
– Bulk delete read news
– Read full description of the article
– Convert the feeds to plain text
– Rename feed
– Customize web browser and tag list
– Text to speech for alerts
– Archive feeds
– Superfeed & Supercloud service
– Import from Google Reader for Gmail
– Automatically import subscribed feeds from your Google Reader account
– Import the following public feeds: Digg,

What’s New In?

1. Login to Google Reader Account
2. Choose between viewing by ‘RIVER’ or ‘LIST’
3. Customize RSS feeds with Google Reader themes
4. Get curated news with the power of Google Reader
5. Create tags
6. Enable ‘OPML Import’
7. Set custom web browser and download RSS feeds
8. Set mark all as read
9. Tag webpages
10. Create custom folders
11. Add feeds manually
12. Delete feeds
13. Set ‘High’ and ‘Medium’ priority
14. Set tasks from external programs
15. Send emails


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System Requirements For FeedGhost:

* Storage 5GB
* Resolution 800×600
* Processor Intel i5-6500
* Memory 8GB
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