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Emcstyleworksxtdownloadfullversion UPD



the negative of the common interest rate is the most well-known
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however, it was created by a central bank in the us and is“I’m not trying to be the next J.K. Rowling,” said Wendy Chapkis, a mom of six who wrote and illustrated the children’s book “How My Mom Taught Me.” The self-published book is written as an e-mail to the author’s estranged son, explaining the way her mother taught her the importance of kindness and a moral compass.

Chapkis’ mom — former Lt. Gen. Charles E. Edmondson, a Vietnam combat veteran — committed suicide when she was in her 30s, and the book is written in her voice and as an e-mail to her son, who is in his 20s.

“My mom was a very loving, kind, giving person, and I think that’s what I’ve tried to carry on in my relationship with my son and what I want to convey in this book,” Chapkis said. “It’s just about being kind, and being a good person, and it’s such a simple and effective thing to do.”

Chapkis, a native of Maryland, had to negotiate distribution hurdles to get the book in store shelves, and she said she has received nothing but support from retailers. One of them, the iconic Dallas store Book People, has carried the book and offered free copies for school libraries.

“She’s had great success. We’ve had a lot of great response,” said Jane Sartorelli, a retail manager at the store.

The book takes inspiration from the author’s own life story and from her mother’s more than 50 years in the military. She worked in the information technology department at the Pentagon, and her husband, now Chapkis’ current spouse, was an information technology officer in the U.S. Navy.

“This book really represents the way my mom and I grew up,” Chapkis said. “She was always offering me things that were important to her, and she’d give me money.

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Text being overwritten in Javascript after adding a hashtag

In this jsfiddle I have the following code to detect a hashtag and add it to my URL.
var urlAddHashtag = function(url, hashtag) {
var regex = new RegExp(“(?:\#|\+)[^\s]+$”);
var str = url;
if (str.search(regex) > -1) {
var hashtag = str.split(‘#’)[0];
str = str.replace(“#” + hashtag + “”, “#” + hashtag + “#” + hashtag);
return str;

When I enter a hashtag in the javascript, it does change the URL for the hashtag but it also adds a duplicate hash tag to the URL after the hashtag.

1) Is there a way to not add the hashtag to the URL in this code?
2) Is there a better way to add a hashtag to a URL in a fluid manner? (I am after a solution that works in all browsers)


This code will add a # without a pre-existing # in your URL:
var href = location.href;
var hrefWithHash = href.replace(/#(.*?)#/, “#$1″);
location.href = hrefWithHash;

It’s worth noting that the above will still append the # if the URL already contained one in the first place. That’s because the replace method doesn’t perform a check to see if the replacement should be inserted, and instead just inserts the replacement value whenever a match is found.
For what it’s worth, you don’t really need to use a regular expression. I’d suggest:
var regex = /#[^#]*$/;
var string = url;
var result = ”;
if (str.search(regex) > -1) {
var hashtag = str.replace(“#” + str.split(‘#’)[0], “#” + str.split(‘#’)[0]

Stop or contain programs you don’t want to run in Windows or Mac Windows and Mac are becoming more and more alike. But one important difference stands out: Mac uses a file system, Windows does not.

Files are directories full of other data. When you save a file you are saving it a location on your computer. Sometimes that location is on the very hard drive, but most of the time it’s somewhere in the computer’s folder. There are more folders inside the main folder, called “Documents.” You save files there.

Windows and Mac operate differently on a file system level. You use certain software to access it. You can save files in more than one place, but if you’re doing something tricky, you have to know which path is the right one.

It’s hard to find things on a Mac. The file manager is called “Finder.” It lets you open, move, and copy files. It doesn’t let you delete them or change their name.

The file manager is called “Windows Explorer” on Windows. It’s called “Explorer” on Windows 8. The difference between the name is important.

Macs have a hidden folder called “Users.” You save most of your data there. All of your files are moved there automatically when you save. You don’t change them, or delete them, like on Windows.

Mac users can customize this hidden folder, called “Library.” They can add or remove folders. They can organize files by date, name, or size.

Both Windows and Mac computers use a place to store documents. They can’t create new folders, but they can change the name. Once they’ve done that, they can save files there.

On Windows, you do that by clicking the Save button or folder icon. You save your files in one place and hope it will get to where you need.

On a Mac, you click the “Save” icon, which says “Save.” Then you drag the file to its new location. There’s no folder icon.

Hidden files and folders

Mac computers are clever, but they don’t realize files are not folders. To an end user, a Mac file is indistinguishable from a Windows file.

Windows computers don’t realize the files are not folders. A Windows user might never notice the difference. She’ll see a file, “Goofy New Folder.jpg.” She’ll think it’s a folder. If she clicks on it


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