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Every fantasy action RPG in SE has a similar formula. You get into a party of two, then explore a dark dungeon and defeat the enemies, then go back to the town. After that, you try out different ways to beat your previous highest score.
However, Elden Ring is different. In Elden Ring, the first thing you encounter is a mysterious world full of monsters. In the middle of a dark continent, a world lies that was ravaged by war. The peaceful world you once knew is a place of dark secrets and shocking beauty.
The control of the game is relatively simple. While fighting with your own party members and monsters, you can use a variety of weapons, magic, and equipment to attack and move. You can change their positioning while you are using them, and use them simultaneously. For example, you can attack the enemy with your sword and slash the enemy’s neck with your dagger. Since you can change the order of the actions, the game is full of unique and ingenious attacks.
There are plenty of game-changing characters in the game. You can recruit them as you progress. You can freely switch between the characters and make the most of their special skills. You can create your own character (including race, gender, and appearance) and use it whenever you want.
If the online elements are your main interest, then Elden Ring is the right place for you. It supports a variety of multiplayer modes such as hot seat multiplayer, duel multiplayer, and a kind of cooperative multiplayer that combines the two. You can also chat in a lobby and meet other players online, and directly connect to each other.

– Over 60 characters, each with their own unique talents.
– Three-dimensional real-time graphics that look like the real world
– Three-character party system – Create your own party!
– Two-character party system – A “Big” party and “Shuffle Party”
– It’s a dark continent – You will explore a world of breathtaking beauty and epic drama.
– Dynamic action – Different attacks to use simultaneously
– Unique maps – An infinite variety of maps with multiple challenges
– An RPG experience without the usual grind!
– Customize your look! Get your character’s hair cut, color your skin, outfit your clothes, and even makeup!
– Build your own home town and play! Build your city and enjoy the feast of your own house parties



Features Key:

  • Role-playing game with a dramatic story
  • Mastery of 3 elements — fighting, magic, and attributes — that develop your character
  • Create your own character, an epic fantasy drama in fragments
  • Online multiplayer via “Online synchronization,” where you can directly connect to other players
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