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From Fire Emblem: Awakening, and developed by Intelligent Systems, comes a unique new action RPG that features a story between a fantasy world and a dream world. As a hero born in the Lands Between, your destiny is to join the battle that divides the world of dreams from the world of real. With the power to choose between the light and the dark, you will take on the role of a swordsman with neither master nor foe.

Ethan embraces his new destiny and begins his journey to find out who he is in a world of infinite possibility. Although he is a hero, the boy has doubts about his origin and his purpose in life.

Set in an Epic Landscape
Story of a Hero. A boy with no memory arrives in the lands of dreams and meets an old man. This is the journey of Ethan as a hero born in the Lands Between, and he must emerge from the conflict between light and dark. Journey to each of the Lands Between with others by your side, and combine your skills to defeat the wicked monsters that stand in your way!

A 3D Fantasy World Delicate and Moving
A big world with over 150 maps that can be freely re-explored. Simple character movement, but a world with unexpected traps and entrances that can move easily!

Draw your weapons, wield magic, and combine your skills to embrace the destiny that awaits you!
• Unique Online Multiplayer where You and Others Can Travel To Relieve the World.
– You can directly connect with other players to fight together or to travel together, depending on your mood.
• The Lands Between Connected.
Travel and fight together with your friends, or attempt to avoid other parties.
– In addition to the asynchronous multiplayer mode, you can interact with other players in real time.
– The parties consist of up to four players.

Lands Between: An adventure that is divided into two:

By meeting the challenge, you’ll be able to enjoy the pleasure of combat with both your own party and a party that you can connect with.

Lands Between: The Tale of the Hero Born in the Lands Between (Dream)

In the dream world, witness the dazzling battle scene in which fairies and goblins fight.

– Meet other players by connecting to them, and defeat enemies together.

Lands Between: The Tale of the Hero Born in the Lands Between (Dream) (Collect)

Reach the top of a tower and


Features Key:

  • Freedom of character creation
    Choose from a variety of unique combatants including vampires, elves, dwarves, and humans, to unleash the depths of your character’s emotions and story into the world
  • Cooperation with other players in asynchronous online play
    It’s a VRMMORPG game where you can cooperate with other players – both directly and in asynchronous online play
  • Beautiful visuals
    Cast a spell with your VR equipment and soar into a land of shining castles, colorful palaces, and mysterious forests. Your own adventure unfolds in the colorful environs of the online world, whether you are in head-mounted VR or dedicated to non-VR
  • A fantasy narrative new to the VRMMORPG genre
    A multilayered story where the various thoughts of the characters interlock with one another in the Lands Between.
  • Freedom of group formation
    Gather together in a guild or create an online party without the need to join a registered online party and play together
  • World events and bosses to clash against
  • Near-perfect adjustment to the latest hardware
    Display a smooth frame rate no matter what your VR hardware, and navigation is simple and easy
  • Elden Ring is currently available for pre-order for U.S. $29.99 on PlayStation®4 and US $24.99 on PS VR, in Europe’s PAL territories and other regions on Tuesday 19 February 2020 for North America and Wednesday 20 February 2020 for Europe and other territories. You will receive an invitation to download the game.

    For more information please visit eldenring.nintendo.com or any of the Elden Ring social media channels.

    About LoveRemy from Vanillaware Inc.
    US$ 25.60, average ratings 4.5/5 on 165 reviews
    Nintendo community, share your comments and vote!

    Square Enix Europe Ltd. (Suitable for all ages but principally targeted


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    For those who are interested in the new world, the launch of “The Tarnished World Grand Tournament!” is planned. When the tournament is launched, the new world is entered. In the new world, you can not only enjoy the full game, but also participate in the tournaments that the Lord is holding.
    Users are able to enjoy the game freely, and if they can make it to the finals of the tournament, they are able to win exclusive rewards.
    • Advanced Netgame System,
    As a first-class game in the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre, Bloodline Champions has an ultra-advanced netgame system.
    By connecting to the Google cloud, it enables viewers from anywhere in the world to watch a professional game that is being held in the LAN stadium.


    The Sky Palace + The Return of the Bloodthirsty are released on July 18.



    We are proud to announce that the server Huzon is opening the gates for everyone!
    As a gift, Huzon receives the honor of having a special site, where the achievements of the most beloved players will be forever preserved.
    The special site is a temporary site available until September 4, 2017, where every player who has been a Huzoner since its early days will be able to see the most famous moments of Huzon’s history.


    Will the new character, “Brite” be joining the team?


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    – Easy to play
    – Can be played by everyone
    – Saved Game supported
    – The game UI is easy to understand
    – Can be played anywhere
    – Replayable scenes

    How to Play

    The touch screen is responsive.
    To play, please hold the item on the touch screen to perform some action.

    In order to play this game, you need the following (you can select from the “Close” button after you purchase):
    1. Terminal;
    2. Wire
    3. Character Screen;
    4. Support Screen;
    5. News and Live Map;
    6. Achievement.
    The restriction will be stated on the Support Screen.

    List of restrictions:
    1. Preset:
    After you complete a preset, you cannot select another.

    2. Progress:
    After you complete a preset, the preset action can no longer be selected.

    3. Settings:
    After you complete a preset, the settings cannot be changed.

    4. Achievements:
    Do not be changed after you complete a preset.

    5. Recorded:
    Do not be deleted after you complete a preset.

    The ELDEN RING game is provided to you by Mobihub Entertainment as a thank you for registering your game with us, and to show our gratitude for your support.

    The character in this game has been developed by Mobihub Entertainment.
    The character artwork, background, world map, and other in-game assets are copyright of Mobihub Entertainment and third parties, respectively.
    Modifications of the character and elements relating to Mobihub Entertainment are permitted for the benefit of all players.

    In addition to the standard action of the game, depending on the role of the game, the user’s own actions, and the actions of others, the game content may change in some cases.

    MOBIHUB ENTERTAINMENT reserves the right to end the service under specific situations, and for the users who are inactive for longer than the period described in “Support” (in in-game notification).

    ABOUT OUR COMPANY: Mobihub Entertainment is an experienced game company providing premium contents.
    We provide games for various devices such as smartphones and tablets, including social games and action games, and will provide new contents in the future.
    Please do not hesitate to get in touch for more information.

    Privacy Policy:
    Mobihub Entertainment is fully committed


    What’s new:

    RPG Familiarities Made Simple
    In order to reduce the burdens on you, the game uses a simplified control method. You can play with a touch-screen compatible controller by providing only your arrow direction and a couple of actions. You will feel comfortable for the first time in the campfire storytelling game.

    Game Description:The anime featuring super over-the-top “sensei-ness.” This series is not only the hit tv series but grew into a popular manga and novel. Hisoban is the best student in class, a handsome and confident guy. But when his family member and most important friend, Hiroshi, leave him for the most unusual reason and is transformed into the EVIL ROSWELL, alone…he must now use the power of the Legend of Hero to save himself and the world! This series is reason enough to watch alone. This adaptation also introduces a new generation of characters that are sure to dazzle viewers including a special Guest Characters such as: Chibodee, Ai OTSUKA, and Rin Natsume!

    Welcome to the S.S. Soldier 7!
    Mankind faces a new war against the lord, the Devil King.

    In order to victory, “Battalion Seven” takes on every obstacle.

    The layout of real combat on the occasion of the Western Union War!
    An original story included in the Western Union War action-manga that excels action combat!
    Extremely easy side-view gameplay is adopted, and you can enjoy easy battles using a first person perspective from the waistline.


    These features were added in the game including “NEW!” in the new version “Civil War One”!
    – Developed from the 07th volume of “Virtus Leonina-Kirishitan no Koi”.
    – An e-mail application that realizes a location-based service is included.
    – It is greatly enhanced in “Create a Character”.
    – Original directions from the anime and the manga were added to the guidance when creating a character.
    – A special “Physical Trainer” can be added to characters based on the ranking and training status of the staff in the “Character Attributes” menu.
    – This game realizes a basic character information function that you can unlock by purchasing and then playing the game.
    – The game realizes a new list of events based on the IX page of the story of the manga and anime.
    – The game realizes ”


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    1. As i mentioned earlier you need to download from our site;
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    4. After the password changed, you need to save the game and exit to desktop.
    5. Now you need to copy paste game folder to your Desktop and copy all these files;
    5a. If you have installes the game using installer you need to copy all these files;
    5b. If you have installed the game using mobile game then you need to copy all these files;
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    5c. You need a mobile phone memory card of at least 30 MB;
    5d. You need a desktop environment of at least 300 MB;
    5e. You need to have at least 2 GB of free disk space;
    5f. You need a stable and reliable internet connection with speed at least 3 MB.


    Mod Apk

    You need to install ApkProActivity again.

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Operating System:
    Windows XP
    Windows 2000
    Windows 98
    Macintosh (version 9)
    PlayStation 2 system:
    CPU: 3.8 GHz or faster processor
    RAM: 2 GB
    Hard disk space: 8 GB
    Game installation:
    Install the patch when you finish downloading it.
    Change/update of graphics settings
    When you want to change the screen resolution from the game, you need to change the resolution setting in the Display settings. If you can’t find



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