Dvr 10416 Ver1.0 Driver [VERIFIED]

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Dvr 10416 Ver1.0 Driver

a series of potentiometers are integrated with the motor driver, and allows you to quickly adjust the polarity and voltage of your motor, for an even harder swing. the resistor set up allows you to set a minimum voltage to your motor driver.

the motor driver is fully integrated and compatible with the arduino standard shield socket. the driver board is designed for easy integration into your arduino shield or system. for all other softwares you need also no programming, simply plug 

drivers: 3 x a4988 stepper motor drivers 2 x l298 driver ic 1 x mcp3021 i2c digital i/o expander 1 x i2c to serial sda/scl converter 1 x 5v regulator i2c high speed i/o ethernet shield processor: atmega328p

initially during development we would often receive mixed reports from users as to whether their boards would work with our driver or not. after reviewing many reports and testing we have determined that a few boards work with this driver’s default settings. these boards include, but are not limited to:

  • seeeduino mega 2560 v2
  • futaba digitrax mv8820t
  • ethernut thermocouple
  • hemstech digitrax hv

if you are using one of these boards with our driver and want to have this default setting revert to the non-default settings you can simply remove the jumper on the board and remove the battery from the board.

there seem to be 4 drivers for the dvr 10416 connected to the pc.
the first one is “twin 360nano power drivers”. this one is located in
the c:\program files (x86)\windows easy life\driverstore\other\dvr\10416,
or c:\program files\windows easy life\driverstore\other\dvr\10416, depending on your os.
the second one is named “”. this is located in the
same folders i mentioned before. it is a zip file.
the third one is named “dvr-10416-wi-fm.x_rev.2. this is also located
in the same folder.
the fourth one is called “dvr-10416-xmv-wifi-hub-4. this is located
in the same folder.
this four versions are not the same. if you have different ver.
so you need to choose which version matches your needs.

2. if you are using the driver in the remote control of robots, use 1.5 inch or 2.0 inch robot (or others of such size) to drive, connect 5v-16v power supply 3. if you are using the driver to control led strip light, use a 5v power supply, and a power supply is recommend to be rated at 5w or less. 4. the installation requirement is that the stepper motor driver motherboard should be placed in the same case, and connected to the power. 5. note: do not connect a stepper motor to the motor driver board, and then connect the power, because the wires of the stepper motor and motor driver board will be short. the stepper motor’s stepper motor driver board will be damaged. in the stepper motor driver shield, there are terminal for the computer board, and the chassis. connect the 5v/3.3v/gnd connections of the motor driver to the computer board first, then to the chassis and other connections.6. first insert a jumper into the 4-positions pin holes on the chassis, to ensure that the stepper motor driver motherboard is in the correct position. after inserting the jumper, install the terminals of the stepper motor driver motherboard onto the 4-positions pins in the chassis. 7. note: when installing the motors, the motor driver will automatically detect the number of motors on the board. there is no need to add any leads on the motor driver to the stepper motors (the motors to be controlled). using the motor driver, the motors can be driven with less manual adjustment. the motor driver connects the stepper motors with a motor interface board, which connects the stepper motors and the motor driver. the motor interface board is connected to the computer board, and the motor interface board is connected to the stepper motors. 8. before powering on the computer with the motor driver, connect to the computer as needed. note: each motor can be controlled by using a pc host computer as the controller.

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