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Driver Toshiba E720 Win 7 64bit ^NEW^

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Driver Toshiba E720 Win 7 64bit ^NEW^



Driver Toshiba E720 Win 7 64bit

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Category: Windows .On May 3, the Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing to examine how the United States government has conducted surveillance at the request of Israeli intelligence. The lead witnesses included Trey Trainor, the former head of the National Counterterrorism Center, and Zainab Ahmad, a U.S. citizen who was detained by Pakistan and then later rendered to Israel in a CIA rendition. “I have not been made aware of any specific request for information from a foreign government,” Trainor testified. “In general,” he added, “in most of our [counterterrorism] efforts, there is an interagency review process where there’s interaction with the FBI, the DEA, the Treasury Department.”

Trainor’s statement seemed somewhat contradicted by the testimony of Ahmad, who had only become aware of her intimate communications with the United States government after her capture, when she was taken to an Israeli interrogation facility. “In my case, I was taken by the CIA and turned over to the Mossad on Israel,” she explained. “I was interrogated about people and things that I had no knowledge of.”

Trainor did not mention that, of the National Counterterrorism Center’s 56,000 plus employees, one was a CIA “targeting officer,” one “targeting officer” was a former CIA case officer, and one of the targeting officers was “known to have helped with CIA rendition operations.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee’s self-imposed gag order precluded the disclosure of “sensitive national security information,” but what can be inferred from the testimony is that Israel and the United States are now operating a secret surveillance and interrogation program against U.S. citizens. And American citizens are being taken to interrogation facilities in Israel, a country notorious for human rights violations.

Trainor appeared to have a different answer when asked about the “wide availability of foreign intelligence services to the CIA.” He noted, “There’s a wide variety of capabilities that are shared and [that] are not always understood.” But when asked for details on Israeli interrogation facilities, Trainor demurred. “I’m not familiar with these facilities,” he said. “I would refer to the Department of Defense for the Israelis.”

One wonders what Trainor and his former colleagues at the National

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