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Deep Shredder 12 UCI.rar

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Deep Shredder 12 UCI.rar

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Deep Shredder 12 UCI.rar

The thing is that it is real boring to use deep thinking power from UCI 7.. because on this point the depth of thinking power is. sorry, a tautology. It will be hard to come on the top in this side of sport.

1) Shrewd players use UCI engine – Thanks to the fact that.

Deep Shredder is one of the best engines you can get. It has a unique depth that is not available elsewhere. Deep Shredder
best go deeper than any standard chess engine, as it is
truly meant to crush lower-rated engines by
running them at extremely deep time controls
in the search for the best move.

After their release in 2002, the Junior, Shredder, and Super Junior engines never really took off as sought after chess engines. Much later, the engine designer, Murray Campbell, who was also the author of the Top Chess Engine Program (TCEP) rating list, listed them as 1.0 versions with no upgrade path. The developers were no longer supporting them.

The following is a letter from Evgeny Morozevich to Hoang Truong, a valued test partner of Deep Shredder 12. It gives a general overview of the computer based testing at the Royal Society, London with a view to motivating potential test candidates to perform diligently.

Dear Hoang

First of all I would like to thank you for your great contribution to Deep Shredder. The latest version is the Deep Shredder 12 and it’s now a great tool for determining the strength of a chess engine. Also, I’d like to especially thank for all the work you did for the project testing ( UCI list ).

As you know, after the beta we decided to drastically reduce the size of the program (thank you for that), which made our test list more reliable. These UCI archives are good examples of the accuracy of the test results, we have achieved so far. I know that you have enough spare time for test preparation, therefore I’m encouraging you to continue your good work.

The testing results you will see on our website were not easy to prepare – we had to analyse and organize all these data in order to turn it into an understandable format. Please think how much time you spent on it and how much you have done for Deep Shredder. Furthermore, we have great plans for the next version, so you can contribute by testing it. You have already done a tremendous job and I really appreciate it.

The result of testing of an engine is only a percentage of strength – as a programmer, you know this very well. In this sense, looking at the results of tests you made, it’s not sure if there is any ‘optimal’ engine among all those tested.

Thanks for all the great work you did and I hope we can cooperate again in the future.

Best regards,

E. Morozevich

towards the end of the 1990s, professional players were complaining about the lack of depth of the world cup (an annual event between the leading world and national teams in the computer world),[11] as compared to the olympiad, whose games were played only between the top-three teams in the world.[12] players such as kasparov, karpov, anand, topalov and the like were expected to play their games almost solely on the computer. this meant that each year the world cup was decided by a very small number of blitz games played by the world’s top computer program vs. the world’s top computer program. this discrepancy in depth was seen as a weakness of the world cup, and the time had come for a new competition to take its place.[13] this was the birth of world computer chess championship, now known as the world computer olympiad (wcco).[14] the wcco consists of a series of four 8-game rapid-play matches between the top ranked chess computer programs of the world. during the first wcco, which was held in 1997, stockfish was the highest-rated engine, rated 762. fritz, the second highest-rated engine, rated 754. komodo, the third highest-rated engine, was rated 744. shredder, which was the fourth highest-rated engine, was rated 742. in this early match, fritz was the most popular choice among the top rated computer programs, with stockfish (the second highest-rated engine) as its second choice. shredder, which was not one of the top programs in the early match, was not even in the top 10.[15] in the later matches of the wcco, the programs rose and fell in popularity, with the top rated programs switching regularly. stockfish fell to 727 in 1999 and fritz rose to 735. komodo fell to 727 in 2000 and rose to 733 in 2001, then fell to 724 in 2002, rising again to 734 in 2003. in the first wcco, the world champion was kasparov, and so the match was dominated by the top two rated engines, stockfish and fritz. in the second wcco, the top rated engine was komodo, and so in the final match stockfish was the clear favorite. komodo was clearly falling behind the other engines, as it was no longer in the top-three programs, and was the most popular second choice for fritz and keres.

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