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The Internet is filled with many applications and programs that you could use in order to easily manage files on your computer. One of such applications is Complete File Recovery.
It's a universal file and image recovery software for all types of storage media. It comes with many nice features and tools, all neatly arranged in a sleek and intuitive graphical interface.
Clean and smooth graphical interface
The application doesn't take long to install and it doesn't come with a complicated setup that you would need to complete before you can actually use it.
It sports a really clean and smooth graphical interface with many nice tools and features at hand. Complete File Recovery is a universal file and image recovery software for all types of storage media.
Explore various sections
It's a data recovery program that will recover accidentally deleted files and folders. It can also restore data from digital cameras, storage cards, digital mp3 players which have been formatted or from which photos or music files have been deleted.
Complete File Recovery support data recovery from various types of storage media (hard drives; digital camera flash cards; floppy disks; zip disks; USB drives; or any other storage device that recognized by the Operation System.
The program can recover deleted files and folders on NTFS, FAT32, FAT16 and FAT12 volumes. Complete File Recovery can preview deleted images before recovering them. Current version supports following file types: BMP, GIF, Animated GIF, JPEG, ICO, CUR, WMF, EMF.
More features and tools
When you run Complete File Recovery it will scan for devices connected to your PC and show them in the volumes list. Choose disks you want to scan for deleted files by putting the check mark next to the disk name.
You can use the application to hide files with zero length or show hex preview for unknown file types. All in all, Complete File Recovery is a very nice universal file and image recovery software for all types of storage media.







Complete File Recovery [32|64bit]

Complete File Recovery Crack+ Free [Updated]

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Complete File Recovery (2022)

The software is equipped with a beautiful graphical interface which allows you to perform various tasks with just a couple of clicks of the mouse. Of course, those tasks will be something related to your digital storage drives. This will give you quick access to those files that you have lost for some reasons. It is a universal software which will recover all media of different types and from different devices.

You can easily recover both: data stored on your external drives (in the form of images, photos, videos or music files), as well as on your internal ones. The program works great with FAT, NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, FAT16 and FAT12 file systems. However, the recovery process is a little slower than the one of the other software, because it has to investigate the files more thoroughly. Nevertheless, it comes with a nice set of tools, which will allow you to recover files no matter what has happened. You can also save time by browsing your files using a tree that contains a detailed information about every file. Also, the software allows you to recover memory cards even if they have not been formatted.


Shows you the amount of free space on your hard drive.

The software can support FAT, FAT32, exFAT, FAT16, FAT12 and NTFS file systems.

It allows you to preview files before recovering them.

You can recover deleted files and folders on NTFS, FAT32, FAT16 and FAT12 volumes.

As of version 7, it also supports digital cameras.

It can recover digital cameras, thumb drives and other storage media.

The application will scan for your storage media in a few seconds and show the details you need.

It supports all popular file systems on the Windows platform, and thus it is possible to recover deleted files from the following media types: USB drives; compact flash cards; Memory Stick; floppy disks; Zip disks; Zip disc images; CD-RW/DVD-RW; DVD-RW/R; CD-R/RW/RW; Picture Cards; Smart Media; USB Sticks; Thumb Drives; Floppy Discs; and Audio Cds/CDRs.

The application is only available for the Windows OS.

It is easy to use and that is why most of the users are satisfied with it.

The recovery process is very quick.

The software has a fast and responsive recovery

What’s New In Complete File Recovery?

Most recent reviews from the community

…In that, it does not come with the best tools to to recovery files. We found that the most important feature for a file recovery program is the ability to view deleted files, and that’s exactly what this app lacks. You can restructure…

…If you have more than one device connected to your PC, go to the device you want to recover files on, and then follow the steps to restore the deleted files.
With the device recovery option, you can browse and restore files deleted on…

…Foremost, our editor’s top choice. Among its many features, you’ll find the one unique feature — recovery for hardware devices — to ensure that your files aren’t irretrievably lost. The easy-to-use interface does require some learning…

…Data recovery for Android helps you recover photo, video, contact, call log, audio file, WhatsApp messages, and more. Don’t lose the important data anymore!
Here are some features you get with Data recovery for Android:
• Recover…

…Advanced Filter can recover files from 3gp, ics, avi, mov, mp4, xml, eps, rar, mp3, wav, wma, ogg, nrg, flac, wma, zip, dmg, doc, chm, jpg, jpeg, pdf, ppt, pps, tiff, dfx, psd, eps, ico, gif, png, msp, rtf, txt, mrx, rcf, rar, mso, swf, dll, mp4, 3gp, wav, wma, wmv, wm, ogg, avi, mp3, mp4, aiff, aac, asf, mov, ogg, ogm, rm, ra, rt, sa, rmvb, avi, mpeg, rm, wma, wmv, wav, wm, wmv, vob, mkv, mp4, aac, flac, mp3, m4a, m4p, flv, avi, ogv, mpeg, mts, mkv, rm, ra, aiff, aac, asf, ra, rm, rar, ogv, wav, wma,

System Requirements For Complete File Recovery:

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