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Cara Upload File Html Ke Blogspot

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Cara Upload File Html Ke Blogspot


Cara Upload File Html Ke Blogspot

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import { update, get, getFirst } from ‘../store/lib/getters’;
import type {
} from ‘../types’;
import { defaultAction } from ‘../store/lib/actions’;
import { getUserContext } from ‘../store/lib/utils’;

function createActions(
data: StateObject,
projectId: string
) {
const todoActions = [
priority: data.get(‘priority’),
title: data.get(‘title’),
type: ‘UPDATE_DUE’,
due: data.get(‘due’),
title: data.get(‘title’),

const actions = {…data, todoActions };

return {
id: getFirst(actions),
title: data.get(‘title’),
priority: data.get(‘priority’),
due: data.get(‘due’),
addTodo: actions.addTodo? actions.addTodo : defaultAction,

export function createInitialState(data?: StateObject): StateObject {
const projectId = get(data || {}, ‘projectId’, ‘0’);
const project = data || createInitialStateFromProject(projectId);
const user = data || getUserContext(projectId);

return createActions(
).from(projectId, {


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