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This guide contains two full tours that visitors can do in Santiago: a few blocks from Parque Forestal in Barrio Lastarria, and the northeast part of town near Parque Forestal.
To reach these tours, as you walk out of either the Puente Alto Station or Valparaíso Station, turn right.

Back then, the group was a part of the Barrio Prado, a neighborhood in the south.
Full List of Tourist Attractions In Santiago | S. Chile City Guide.

We asked locals if we should just enter a few landmarks or go all around the city, so they recommended a full, 24 hour walk.

You can read more about these tours here: Santiago South City Tour: A Historical Tapestry or Santiago North City Tour: The Land of the Midnight Sun.

Pristine oceans, countless more than a couple of Canyons and a world-class Pacific coast, combined with the arts and culture of a very progressive and modern Chile, are a few attractions that make Santiago the best country on the continent!

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