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Roblox gives YOU the power to create your own games. Play alone or with friends in tons of activities with millions of users around the world.

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In this episode of the Analyst Academy podcast, I spoke with Martyn Jones, Head of Roblox. We discussed the change in Roblox’s position from publisher/developer to becoming a full-blown online platform.
Also if you haven’t done so please check out my interviews with Deepak Reddy and Chris Melancon.
Interview with Martyn Jones

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Join me on the #GOTVShark Tank as I interview Roblox CEO and Co-founder David Baszucki.
Baszucki and I talk about Roblox’s history and what’s coming up for the platform. We even dig into the future of Robux, Roblox’s virtual currency.
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Roblox has a new announcement: Roblox Studio. Discover a flexible online tool that is easy to use and lets


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Killer Fluids cheat code and tips for Roblox

While playing Robot City, you might run into Killer Fluids and it’s bad. There are two ways to get free Killer Fluids: Cheat and hack.

Roblox represents the collective intelligence of millions. These robots make living environments that are full of skills, fun and challenges. Just who is in charge? YOU! Your scientists, your world, your people. You control Roblox.

Killer Fluids are robots who have a killing activity, attacking humans and other robots. It really is bad. They are very strong and they are more of a computer virus, who manipulate and run programs, controlling the other robots and studying humans.

The robots do not suffer that much damage, it is really only matter of time until they start leaking. This makes them a bit harder to kill. For example, besides the size they have a telekinetic power and a super strength.

They seem almost stupid, the corpses of other robots are just passed by them and they react to the ones who are fighting like zombies.


Killer Fluids easily make players fall down and take damage, so try to avoid them and other players as much as possible. You cannot hide in boxes as they can fly. Avoid using vehicles with wheels, cause they will leave tracks and they are harder to get away, to make the trip robot you use a rocket launcher or a helicopter with a helicopter gun.

Make them slowly go to the kill of the players, is not really the best strategy, a better tactic would be to get the players to hide in the houses. Try to find the robots and destroy them first. If the player has time before dying, run to a house. There are some everywhere. Many have a robot doctor who gives health. You can also move nearby or find some bots who lose their strength quickly.

Avoid moving in the same direction as the killer robots. Try to run in different directions and stay away from them and other human players. If you have to go to a place where all players are, is a good idea to go with some of your friends. When they leave a house, you go into it as well. When you have to leave an area for some reason, do it quickly. You will have a harder time than staying inside in case your friends start it.

Once you destroy it is important to destroy your


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What about game elements?

There are lots of different game elements which you can use to get lots of game coins. There is a chest, and when you open the chest, you will have 1000 game coins. If you want to open up a golden chest, you will have to buy some money. If you want to purchase the golden chest, you will need lots of money. You can purchase other kinds of chests also but they will require more money to buy. In the chest, you can get crates, boxes, furniture, weapons, and outfits. All of this stuff is free to get and only costs a little to use or buy. Once you have used the item you can discard it. You can also buy weapons from the weapon


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