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Bitter Passion Tagalog 16 UPDATED

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Bitter Passion Tagalog 16 UPDATED

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Bitter Passion Tagalog 16

55. And this culture of indifference and cruelty is not accidental. It is a sign of the structure of modern societies. Its symbol is the culture of the shopping center. Those who populate the shopping center are with few exceptions inhabitants of the world of the material, of a petty shopkeep or clerk who carries on an activity which is not revolutionary, which does not transform the whole of human society or culture, in short, which does not really produce anything. They are indifferent and greedy because their vision of the world is confined to this world of the present; they are incapable of getting beyond the power of the market, the economy, the dollar, and they are able only to consume. The shops are their joy, their true passion. They do not desire to communicate. They do not desire to love. They do not desire to be missionaries. They simply want to consume, to feel satisfied and to be safe from all the angers which cannot be filed away or satisfied, which cannot be bought or sent off.

58. Missions are not made by the simple means of information, by verbal contact, by putting ideas before people, nor should the effort to convince them be detached from the total experience of love. The evangelizing passion, which is pure love, conquers minds which are not turned from their ancient way of understanding the world, but it does not put forward strange notions. In the eyes of the missionaries, the world is a living and suffering mystery. Beyond the cults of vulgarity, of the allure of the celebrity life, the evangelizing passion is not feared or lamented, for it places the human creature at the center of a great adventure of human life. In missionaries the culture of consumption is stopped in its tracks, without being destroyed. This culture is challenged by the love which they share, which they feel, which they can hear, feel, see, touch, know, say, and which they are incapable of forgetting.[updated2022[latest[winmac[april2022723[winmac-april2022481


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