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Jikkyou Winning Eleven 3

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How to run a Ruby on Rails app inside Intellij Ultimate?

I’m using IntelliJ Ultimate 3.5.1 and Ruby 2.0.0p195 (Ruby on Rails 4.0). I have some Ruby files in my project (the Rails app) that I’d like to run in the IDE. When I try to run a class or a method, the IDE complains that there is no run configuration for the file. Also, the Ruby interpreter (IRB) complains about not finding the gems, even though they are included by default.
Some solutions I found are:

I can open the built-in Terminal window and run my files there.
I can run the project as a groovy or java application.

This is a rather annoying workflow, especially since I had to disable the built-in Terminal integration to avoid this issue, and for the same reason it seems it is not possible to open and run Ruby files in the built-in Ruby/Groovy console.


With the Groovy plugin in IntelliJ, you can create a Run/Debug configuration for any (groovy) file that’s in your project.

Open the Run/Debug configurations dialog (Cmd + Shift + F10)
Select “Create Groovy configuration…”
Click “Create a Groovy Configuration…” and fill in the following

. Att denna webbsida letar efter ett certifikat som stämmer med Vindevils licens och. Psp Download: Hitman 2.Q:

Moment.js: Expire Date and Set Based on Specific Hour

I am trying to figure out how to make an expireDate be based on a specific hour, similar to this JSFiddle:

How can I make the 12th hour be today’s hour plus 1 minute, 13th hour to be to day’s hour plus 1 minute, etc.? Thanks!
var today = moment().startOf(‘day’);
today.add(1,’m’).startOf(‘hour’).utc(); // 12:01am
var expireDate = today.add(1,’m’);
expireDate = today.add(1,’m’).utc();


You can use startOf for this.
const day1 = moment().startOf(‘day’).add(1,’m’);
const day2 = moment().startOf(‘day’).add(2,’m’);

//here get current hour
const currentHour = moment().startOf(‘hour’);

//var expireDate = day1.startOf(‘hour’).add(1,’m’)
// .add(1,’m’).utc();

//var expireDate = day2.startOf(‘hour’).add(1,’m’)
// .add(1,’m’).utc();

console.log(day1) // 12:01:00
console.log(day2) // 13:01:00

As you can see in the example the second time, you will have tomorrow’s hour.

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