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By 2006, the size of the AutoCAD market was estimated to be as large as $6 billion. By 2015, AutoCAD had a market share of 65%, with mainframe CAD programs such as SolidWorks and MicroStation taking a smaller share of the market. With a total of 37 million users, AutoCAD is the world’s second most-used CAD application behind Adobe Photoshop.

History [ edit ]

Origins [ edit ]

AutoCAD was first released for the MS-DOS operating system by Micrografx in December 1982. It was a desktop application, running on microcomputers with graphics controllers on-board. At the time, most other CAD programs ran on mainframe computers or minicomputers, with each CAD operator (user) working at a separate graphics terminal. AutoCAD required much more memory than other CAD programs. AutoCAD used a mouse to control drawings and was sold with a mouse.

The company Micrografx was founded in 1975 by brothers Jim, Michael, and Joseph Brost. Joe Brost was a programmer who developed an early form of the Macintosh operating system. After developing the first mouse-controlled graphical user interface (GUI) on the Macintosh, he founded Micrografx in 1980. He also produced a suite of programs for the Apple II called the ‘Art Tools’, which were designed to run on the then-new Apple II series. The Art Tools, as well as new applications developed under Jim Brost’s direction, played a role in shaping the look and feel of the early Macintosh and the later Windows. Jim, Michael and Joe were also founding developers of HyperCard and Steve Jobs was a co-founder of the company.

The company initially focused on professional and professional-grade personal computers. In the 1980s, companies like Apple and Microsoft increasingly wanted to get into the business of producing personal computers and video displays. Companies like Apple wanted a low-cost computer that was as easy to use as the Mac and that could run programs written for the Mac and Microsoft DOS. Companies like Microsoft wanted to distribute a version of Windows that would run on these low-cost computers, so they started producing their own version of Windows, called Windows for Workgroups. As a result of this, the original version of Windows for Workgroups was incompatible with MS DOS-based computers, but Apple released Mac OS Version 8 in 1985. Windows for Workgroups was not compatible with Mac OS 8.0 and also Microsoft started to produce their own

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Bug Reports, etc.


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In the autocad file, you will have to find or create a temporary file that has the following data and then proceed.
fileName = “C:\path\to\your\temporary\file.doc”
originalFile = “C:\path\to\your\file.doc”
originalTime = getDateTime()
modifiedTime = “modified” + originalTime
content = originalFile + “;modified” + modifiedTime
contentMD5 = md5(content)

Run the command prompt or CMD or CMD Shell. In the command prompt window, type:
echo %contentMD5%

The output should be:

Now the content of the temporary file needs to be saved somewhere. This is done by the following command, where we set the path as C:\temp:\filename.tmp
echo %contentMD5% > C:\temp\filename.tmp

and then after creating the temporary file we set the temporary file as the original file so it can be overwritten.
> originalFile.tmp

Finally you can delete the temporary file from the system.
del C:\temp\filename.tmp

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Create a catalog of your models and export the model to a multiplatform format. (video: 3:27 min.)

AutoCAD Shortcuts:

What’s new in AutoCAD 2020

The best-selling AutoCAD software, now includes the ability to graphically update your AutoCAD drawings in real time. This means that you can change your drawings on the fly, with your hands on the keyboard.

New AutoCAD keyboard shortcuts have also been added to address user needs and workflow.

Graphical updates of drawings in the interactive workspace can be made using the +/- arrows. You can also use the + and – arrows to change the values of fields in all drawing objects in the current drawing. If you want to apply only the change to the current drawing, you can use the b key to switch to the drawing context.

The Enter command is also now available in the ribbon to support drawing text and break elements.

When you use the context menu in the interactive workspace, the menu lists active items in a list that you can select to trigger an action. The list changes as you select items.

Also, when you use the context menu in the interactive workspace, the menu lists active items in a list that you can select to trigger an action. The list changes as you select items. The commands that are available to you when you are in the interactive workspace can be accessed in the drawing window using the M key. For example, to access the Snap to command, you can type S at the command prompt.

The AutoCAD Logbook:

Save time, create a logbook using the dashboard with new features including:

Attach Excel spreadsheet documents and insert them in your drawing automatically.

Keep track of tasks and automate the process of tracking through the Power Query add-in

What’s new in AutoCAD 2017

AutoCAD continues to evolve with new technology, new features and new ways to work. These changes come with some trade-offs. For example, the most recent update to AutoCAD® 2017 delivers a set of new features, including a more streamlined user interface. The trade-off is that the new features may take you a bit of time to learn and implement.

So you must make a choice: take the time to learn the new features, or stick with an older, but familiar and reliable, interface.

In this QuickTip, you

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 operating systems
DirectX® 9.0c
16 GB of RAM recommended
Two-button mouse, 32-bit Operating System
Additional Notes:
Windows Vista Home Premium is not officially supported, however, the mod works fine.
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