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AutoCAD Crack + Full Version

In 2019, AutoCAD earned almost a billion dollars, with more than 25 million licenses sold in the U.S. and two-and-a-half million licenses sold in Canada. AutoCAD also generated $1.5 billion in revenue outside the U.S. and Canada, including licensing fees, R&D, sales of products such as Autodesk 360 and AutoCAD 360 Cloud, advertising, and other service revenue.

History and development

AutoCAD’s history began in 1968 at the headquarters of the mechanical-engineering software company Silicon Valley Systems (SVS), in San Jose, California, at a time when the phrase “computer-aided design” meant “drew it on a table”. The first AutoCAD, created by Thomas Maloney and released in December 1982, was initially sold for $3,995. (In 2017, a new, improved version was priced at $4,400.)

When AutoCAD was developed, it was an all-purpose drawing and design program for the Apple II series of computers, which was in its heyday during the mid-1980s. Its development was in part sponsored by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at the University of Illinois, in Urbana-Champaign. The software worked with custom-designed Apple II graphics software called PagePlus. Early versions of the program displayed “green lines” and “yellow boxes”, but later versions (such as AutoCAD 1986) added text, colors and graphics capabilities. The first version of AutoCAD was included with a disk containing 1,200 drawings (about $100) of machine parts, which helped the product’s sales.

AutoCAD’s second version, released in 1988, was an IBM PC compatible. In the 1990s, IBM discontinued the use of the microprocessor in PC compatible computers, which in turn left AutoCAD’s future uncertain. In the 1990s, the company developed a number of products, including one for Microsoft Windows, AutoCAD 2000, which was re-released in 2004. In the 2000s, AutoCAD formed a partnership with the Japanese software maker SoftEC (now owned by Fujitsu), which developed AutoCAD 2004, an earlier version of AutoCAD for the Windows operating system. It is available only for the Japanese market. In 2010, the company entered into an agreement with Autodesk to extend the version of AutoCAD used on the Windows platform.

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What’s New In?

Use the Markup Assistant to import and format online comment boxes for your drawings. Incorporate online feedback into your design and keep it organized for future reference.


Rapidly work across drawings and from drawing to drawing with the new drawing navigator. The navigator organizes drawings, projects and other related files into project folders, enables navigating to multiple drawings at once, and features an in-place ribbon for faster navigation.

The new drawing navigator allows you to browse the Hierarchy and view the 3D model at the same time.

Drawing features:

New Table of Contents and Annotation features are available in the Drawing panel and Sheet tabs. (video: 2:18 min.)


Switch between a 3D or 2D perspective and model your 3D design in a new 2D perspective mode. (video: 0:39 min.)

Apply a new Undo feature to a set of drawings by selecting a group of drawings and creating a new Undo flag on that group. Keep drawing in the same view by deleting all redraws and building a new set of undoable drawings.

Use the Drawing Management tab to add and organize drawings. The tab includes features to create new drawings or sheets, copy, move, merge, set defaults, label new sheets, and set properties.

Rapidly add a new sheet and access drawing templates. The Sheet tab includes multiple drawing templates for new drawing types, and can be organized into folders for faster access.

Use the Measurements ribbon to capture and measure drawings and manage data throughout your project.

Drawing management:

Enable multiple device profiles and apply multiple settings using the new Device Settings tab. (video: 1:21 min.)

Configure drawing templates and open drawings in a new session. The template manager allows you to create and name new templates and save existing templates to a user defined template library.

You can open drawings from outside the drawing manager by creating a shortcut link to a template.

View a drawing and its associated data outside the drawing window. Set the drawing’s properties using a new Property tab and view 3D model properties using the new 3D Model Properties tab.

In the new Project Properties tab, you can set the default default drawing template and apply custom settings to drawings in a project.


System Requirements:

A PC running Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 is highly recommended.
We have also tested the game on the Intel i3-530 processor. If you have an older or slower PC, there is a small chance that the game will run somewhat slowly. Please make sure your PC meets the requirements before buying the game.
A gaming mouse is recommended. You can use a keyboard and the game will be playable, but the game will run slowly if you do so.
You should also have a modern display with a maximum resolution of 1280×720

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