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AutoCAD 2023 24.2 Crack+ [Mac/Win]

Autodesk was founded in 1982 by John Walker (later Chairman and CEO of Autodesk), Jeff Novick (later CEO of Autodesk), and Doug Eadline (later Director of Finance and CEO of Autodesk). After years of steady growth, in 2012 Autodesk became a publicly traded company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. In March 2014, Autodesk had a market capitalization of $9.8 billion. Autodesk develops a number of other software products besides AutoCAD. Its other most widely known products are AutoCAD LT, a consumer version of AutoCAD, and SketchBook Pro, a vector graphics editor and drawing software application.



Autodesk was founded in 1982 by John Walker (later Chairman and CEO of Autodesk), Jeff Novick (later CEO of Autodesk), and Doug Eadline (later Director of Finance and CEO of Autodesk). The first version of AutoCAD, the original AutoCAD Release 1.0, was released in December 1982, and was a DOS-based program. Version 1.5 was released in 1983. The program was developed by Stephen Pedigo of Data General (Autodesk Autodesk) and John Walker of Digital Equipment Corporation. Shortly after its release, a number of legal challenges to the use of the term “AutoCAD” were filed in North America. Walker refused to change the name of the program because he thought the “Auto” prefix was generic.

In November of 1983, Digital Equipment Corporation filed a lawsuit claiming the AutoCAD name infringed on a U.S. trademark. In early 1984 the company’s suit was dismissed by a U.S. District Court judge in Boston. The company appealed the decision, and in January 1985 won its case when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit ruled that AutoCAD did infringe on Digital’s trademark. (As part of the settlement, Autodesk was forced to change the “AutoCAD” logo and allow Digital to purchase a substantial number of product licenses from Autodesk.) However, by this time Digital had declared bankruptcy, and the copyright to AutoCAD went to the newly formed Computer Associates in July 1985. With the loss of Digital’s intellectual property, Autodesk was forced to develop a new version of AutoCAD that was not based on any existing software. The new version, AutoCAD Release 2.0

AutoCAD 2023 24.2 Crack+ With Key

AutoCAD is provided in both 32-bit (with architectural and engineering views) and 64-bit versions. The 64-bit version was released in October 2006. The 64-bit version contains a new preview engine and other software improvements, plus more memory and faster performance. AutoCAD has been a highly regarded, stable program for years.

The majority of architectural and engineering drawings are created using the 2D drafting program.

While AutoCAD is the de facto standard for 2D drafting, a number of tools exist for this purpose. These include:

AutoCAD LT is a commercial release for Linux and the Mac operating systems, providing 2D drafting and related functionality. It is based on the Autodesk software development kit (SDK). It is designed to be a light-weight, low-cost, easy-to-use vector graphics creation, processing and management tool for both the home and the office.

Programming and scripting languages
AutoCAD supports two programming languages: AutoLISP and Visual LISP. A third, VBA, is also supported.

AutoLISP, the Autodesk implementation of a subset of LISP, is supported for running macros (within AutoCAD), as well as for communicating with external programs and web services. It can be used to write scripts to automate the tasks that are normally performed using the menus of AutoCAD, as well as to write scripts to run from within AutoCAD.

AutoLISP is provided in the Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems, as well as on handheld devices such as Windows Mobile and the iPad. It is also provided as a component of the free AutoCAD Lite for Windows and Macintosh.

The standard AutoLISP language has been discontinued by Autodesk, and replaced with AutoLISP-E. It is also possible to use Visual LISP with AutoCAD.

Visual LISP (VLISP), the only implementation of LISP that is supported by Autodesk as of 2011, is the product of a partnership between Autodesk and Sun Microsystems. The Visual LISP product for AutoCAD has been discontinued. It is replaced with AutoLISP-E.

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) allows user-defined code to run in AutoCAD. It has been a feature of AutoCAD since its initial

AutoCAD 2023 24.2 Activator Free PC/Windows

set -xeuo pipefail

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Let the true power of drawing apply to what you’re drawing and how you’re drawing it. Automatically create and publish any Markup Assist style annotations in your drawings, then open the annotations directly from the Annotations panel or from another drawing. (video: 1:15 min.)

Add layer styles to your annotations, graphics, and layer groups, and access Layer Style properties and group layers in a layer’s metadata. (video: 1:15 min.)

Use AutoCAD drawing standards for major objects like layers, layer groups, and graphics. Change one or more of the standard options, such as layer numbering, from “On” to “Off” with a click, without editing the drawing. (video: 1:30 min.)

See all your drawings in context, with shared drawing objects integrated into the selection. AutoCAD® now learns the scale, display options, and icons of other drawing objects, so that it can recognize them in your drawings and display them in your workspace.

Save time when working with similar drawings. When you open a new drawing that contains objects or layers that you’ve opened before, AutoCAD displays only the differences, and not the similarities, between the two drawings. (video: 1:30 min.)

Customize how you draw the same object or join similar drawings together. New Customize dialog box in the Drawing Template Manager lets you choose the options for new drawings, based on your preferences for drawing templates and current drawings. (video: 1:30 min.)


Stay connected with your designs. Redesign your drawings as they evolve in a collaborative drawing session. After everyone agrees on the changes, synchronize to your cloud-based repository to publish, review, and distribute the edits to your team. (video: 1:15 min.)

With XML, not only can you share and collaboratively work on your designs, but you can publish them to online repositories. With new XML versions, you can share your designs as they are being edited, and continue to edit the design online after the drawing session is over.

Create, edit, and publish your designs online. Now you can create, edit, and publish your designs online, even when you’re not connected to your local repository.

Create, edit, and publish your designs online. Now you can create, edit,

System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:
* Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
* Broadband Internet connection
* 5 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
* 2 GB free hard disk space
* DirectX 11 compatible video card or compatible DX11 monitor
* 64-bit Windows OS
* Sound card (O.S.D.)
* Mouse with wheel
* Keyboard
* USB Keyboard
* USB Mouse
* HDMI Cable or DVI Cable

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