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ArtDesk will automatically download and update your wallpaper photo. Get a new wallpaper every day automatically. Just select your preferred themes.
You can Schedule a new wallpaper for every day or every hour or any combination in between.
Just select your preferred themes from an included list and ArtDesk will grab the images from an ArtDesk web server full of wallpapers. Or chose your images from a gallery of third party web sites supplied through the ArtDesk browser.









ArtDesk [Latest] 2022

ArtDesk Wallpapers is the easiest way to personalize your computer desktop in a few clicks.
ArtDesk lets you set a custom wallpaper for you, every day, every hour or any combination in between. If you don’t like your current wallpaper, just change it every day, or whenever you like, by using ArtDesk.
Whether you have a photo you like, or you want to choose your own, it’s ArtDesk’s or your desktop deserves some help.
ArtDesk is a desktop enhancement software which help you to change and to personalize your desktop. Each time you log in, your desktop is automatically changed to a new wallpaper.
If you want to modify the background, ArtDesk can help you. You can define the amount of time that you want to change the background, you can choose the folder in which the wallpapers are saved,
you can choose the time at which you want to change the wallpaper, you can choose which computer screens can be used to change the wallpaper, you can decide which screens should be excluded from the wallpaper.
The best and most interesting feature of this software is the choice of the wallpapers. It is possible to choose your favorite subjects, like the sea, the stars, flowers, landscapes, animals, people, people, and many more.
ArtDesk includes different combinations of wallpapers. You can change your screen daily, hourly or monthly. This innovative tool is the perfect way to change your desktop without any problem.
About the author:
ArtDesk is written by ArtDesk Forum Team who are geeks and web design enthusiast.
Download ArtDesk and have fun with changing your desktop wallpaper for free.
*** ArtDesk is shareware but only trial version is available.
Main features:
– Advanced user interface
– Supports Microsoft Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows XPBaron Hemingway

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ArtDesk X64 Latest

Picture Desk lets you add a new set of images into ArtDesk’s clipboard and, simultaneously, creates a new ArtDesk image with those images as its wallpaper. When ArtDesk’s new image is saved, the new set of images is automatically copied into ArtDesk’s clipboard, ready to use the next time you click on the desktop icon. You can also send your own images and have them automatically added to ArtDesk’s clipboard.

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Layers is a small simple program. It allows you to create a selection of images from a list of available images. If you create two copies of the same image for example, you can use Layers to merge the images or combine the images as desired. It has multiple functions – Copy / Paste; Resize; Flip Horizontal; Flip Vertical; Rotate; Flatten; Crop; Flip; Random.

This is an easy to use, full featured digital photo frames. Add a background image, an optional text message, and a photo to add to your photo frame. Save the images and the frames can be sent via email, printed, and exported.

Web album creator that allows you to create a web album with multiple pages, including a template, a text box, a contact form and a calendar function. The photo featured in the tutorial is taken from my digital camera.

A small standalone client designed to allow people who are unable or unwilling to use a larger full-featured application can use. This application can be used to access and manage online photo galleries, album producers and other similar applications.

NetGalley is a service for authors and publishers to provide a platform for readers to give feedback and leave reviews about their books. Users enter their email and a unique code for every book they purchase or read. Users can post reviews about their experience reading books at Readers can visit NetGalley to enter and leave reviews for books they’ve read.

FlyerDesigner is a graphic design tool for Windows. It is a standalone application. It runs as a small executable that can be added to the Taskbar (in Windows Vista) or Dock (in Vista and XP). It can be run in full screen mode.

The W3C has published a


Customize your computer wallpaper on your desktop.
Automatically choose and install new wallpaper every day.
Choose from an included list of 250 wallpapers or from a selected image gallery of your own choice.
ArtDesk allows you to set a new wallpaper for every day of the week, and you can also set a new wallpaper every hour, every half hour, every thirty minutes, or any combination in between.
ArtDesk allows you to set a new wallpaper every day.
ArtDesk provides a complete customizable graphical user interface.
ArtDesk allows you to set up a new wallpaper for every hour, every half hour, every minute, or any combination in between.
The included Software Wizard will guide you through all the steps of setting up ArtDesk.
You can customize ArtDesk by changing it to fit your needs and taste.
ArtDesk automatically downloads new wallpapers from ArtDesk.
ArtDesk allows you to see your preferred images in a gallery of the web, or by browsing the included image gallery.
ArtDesk allows you to choose an image out of a specified gallery for your wallpaper.
ArtDesk allows you to specify your wallpaper on a daily basis, on an hourly basis, on a daily basis, or any other specified period.
ArtDesk allows you to customize your wallpaper’s size.
ArtDesk allows you to change from a normal splash to a minimal splash screen for your desktop.
ArtDesk allows you to choose the image to be used for your desktop.
ArtDesk allows you to set the wallpaper for your desktop’s right, left, or middle panel.
ArtDesk allows you to enable or disable/install a Splash Screen.
You can download new wallpapers from ArtDesk.
You can choose wallpapers from the included ArtDesk image gallery.
You can choose wallpapers from a specified gallery of your choice.
You can choose wallpapers from an image gallery of your choice.
You can change your desktop wallpaper from day to day.
You can choose different image sizes for different locations on your desktop.
You can choose a different image for the right, left, or center of your desktop.
You can set up your wallpapers to start on the hour, half hour, hour, or daily.
ArtDesk allows you to change image sizes.
ArtDesk allows you to choose from and install a standard, minimal, or no splash screen for your desktop.
ArtDesk allows you to change the background color of the wallpapers.

What’s New in the?

Generate your own custom designed pictures for any purpose.
ArtDesk has many features. It will automatically grab your favorite images and replace them with new ones every day.
ArtDesk will recognize and replace backgrounds on various windows. You can create and change all the defaults.
ArtDesk will even customize the images for Mac and Windows. It will even change the size. You have many options.
ArtDesk will display the art you choose in full screen, half screen, popup or as a menu with very easy to use design templates. You can easily show pictures in the background of windows. It will also cover almost every screen you have on your computer.
You can change the color for any part of the wallpaper and all parts of the wallpaper. You can use your own images or images from ArtDesk Web server.
Choose your image, change the color, size, transparency or aspect ratio and just hit OK. You can even have your own pictures in the background.
Import images from the internet. ArtDesk will not only recognize your favorites, it will import any images that it detects.
You can choose your own favorites from an included list or any images from ArtDesk Web server and ArtDesk will grab it and replace the current images.
ArtDesk has a full set of options. You can easily create new default settings.
You can change the speed of the ArtDesk wallpaper change rate. You can even control it.
You can set up the directory for your ArtDesk files and delete them on demand.
You can use ArtDesk full screen, half screen, popup or as a menu.
You can change the image size, the color and the image transparency.
ArtDesk supports JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP formats.
ArtDesk will also give you a choice of different transition effects.
Many templates are provided. Just get ArtDesk and you can have your own different wallpaper every day.
Get ArtDesk. It will change your life.Q:

How to store a list in Redis, but not serialize it for the client?

I was wondering, that is it possible to store lists in Redis, but not encode it for the client?
What is the purpose of these lists, if I can’t serialize it?


Redis lists are very efficient for storing multiple objects by key.
“values” key contains a single element, which is the list object itself.

System Requirements For ArtDesk:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, 32-bit/64-bit
Processor: 1.3 GHz processor or faster with SSE2, a 64-bit operating system, or equivalent combination
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9-capable graphics driver that supports Shader Model 3.0 and 8-bpp and 16-bpp render target format
DirectX: The latest version of DirectX is required to play games in some of the multiplayer modes.
Hard Drive

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