APK File Manager Crack (LifeTime) Activation Code Free Download For Windows

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APK File Manager Crack With Key Free Download

APK File Manager Crack gathers information and runs on your PC and not on
your phone, so you always have it with you and you don’t need to
synchronize your phone with a PC. It helps you manage and organize
your APK files.
It builds on a very basic design, yet it serves you as a reliable
tool for organizing all your installed apps and games on your PC.
You can read the content of a folder and the APK files within and the
application can determine the version of each of them, if they are
already the latest. When you want to update any of the apps, it
saves you the time of downloading the APK file, because APK File
Manager already has it on your disk. It can also extract from the
Google Play Store details such as the name, author, description, icon,
price, etc.
The application will maintain a folder of all your installed apps in
your APK File Manager 2022 Crack folder. It then applies a batch renaming
pattern in which you can add variables, such as category, version
number, etc. You can easily find the latest version of an app or the
one available for offline use by looking for its name in the folder,
pressing the icon of a folder and selecting “Sort by category”. The
images of a folder can be moved to folders according to the apps’

APK File Manager Features:

Reading information:

APK File Manager can determine the version and your apps from the folder. It can check and see if the version you have is outdated, so that you don’t waste time downloading it.
After reading information from a folder, you can extract more
information from an individual APK file, such as the name, icon,
revision number, size, rating, etc. You can also see if the version
you have is the latest available.

Extracting information from the Play Store:

The application can view the name, description, icon, price, category, etc. from the Play Store.
You can view and download the screenshots from the Play Store, as
well as decide if it is compatible for offline use.

Batch renaming:

APK File Manager allows you to create patterns and rename multiple
APK files at once. Through a renaming pattern,

APK File Manager Crack


APK File Manager Crack + Activator [32|64bit]

APK File Manager is a File Manager for managing and working with your Android Apps and Games. It may be the first choice for you, because it gives you the opportunity to sort by size, type, name and category. The application also lets you view and remove duplicate files, files larger than 8GB, APKs and mobile apps.
With APK File Manager, you can work with mobile Apps, PC Apps, and mobile game APKs.
Key Features:
1) Categorize APKs by type and size.
2) Sort APKs alphabetically, numerically, or by file size.
3) Automatically remove duplicate files.
4) View and remove APKs larger than 8 GB.
5) Delete multiple APKs at once.
6) View and remove APKs found in the Recents apps menu.
7) View and remove system APKs.
8) View and remove apps found in the App Drawer.
9) View and remove apps found in the app Categories.
10) View and remove apps from the App Drawer.
11) View and remove all the apps you own.
12) View all the apps and games you’ve installed.
13) View the version of your apps and games.
14) Browse your apps and games installed and purchased on the Play Store.
15) Download apps and games from the Play Store.
16) Download & Install multiple APKs at once.
17) Delete apps & games.
18) Navigate the tree structure of the files.
19) Share APKs.
20) View the entire tree of APKs in the hierarchy.
21) View details about the APK, such as the full path and SHA-1.
22) View the full description of the app and game.
23) View app screenshots and/or APK screenshots.
24) View app permissions.
25) Create and edit rename patterns.
26) Edit URLs and install APKs.
27) Move apps to folders named after categories.
28) Open the Android SDK ( and navigate to the directory with the APK file.
29) Add apps to the Favorites list and App Drawer.
30) Quickly open APK files from your computer.
31) Compact all the APK files together.

What’s New In APK File Manager?

A file manager for Android to help you organize your apk files, manage updates for installed apps and easily access them on your Android device. It offers useful features such as automatic updates, full-screen previews, batch renaming, screenshot capture, easy Android app categorizing and Search by filename.
This is a professional application that offers advanced APK file management features and is suitable for intermediate users.
Check out the full APK file manager features now!

Download and extract all your APK files to browse them in a familiar way. Make use of the file manager to see the details of your apps’ files.
Install new apps directly from your APK files!
With APK File Manager, you can easily install any app without the need to download the APK file first. This feature can eliminate the need to pay for Android apps and games in the Play Store, thus giving you more money to spend on other stuff.
Download progress and tweaks
APK File Manager allows you to access your downloads, their download percentage and detailed information about the files that are being downloaded. As well as seeing the status of any download (and thus controlling the download process if you think it is necessary), you can also see the amount of space left on your SD card and the storage area needed for the download.
Batch file renaming
APK File Manager allows you to perform batch renaming in your APK files. Just enter the name pattern and its parameters, and the application will rename all the files that match it. Moreover, you can even create your own renaming patterns.
Android APK categorizing
APK File Manager can automatically categorize your APK files based on their extension and you can create custom categories by choosing a different path for apps that download to the SD card.
Screenshot capture
Capture screenshots and save them to a folder in your computer. APK File Manager can even select one screen for capture, so you don’t have to set it up for every screen.
System tools
APK File Manager can import the contents of APK files to a database. This allows you to keep track of APK files that use the same package name. It also has a file finder that can search for APK files in any directory.

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