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Activatar Crack + With Full Keygen [32|64bit] [Latest]

***Project v0.13.0***
This is a new update of the Activatar system. It provides many fixes and improvements that aim to make it easier to use.
The main features of the system are
1) License validation mechanism, which checks if the Product Key is valid and unlocked the product.
2) The main component of the system, the activator generates a new Product Key, and stores it to a file, so that only the server can validate it.
3) The server uses the API included in the System to produce the product License.
4) The API included in the system is made to be compliant with the licensing mechanism of most games, and is made to validate the license and check if it needs to be unlocked.
5) The server was designed to be able to operate at a larger scale than before, and to run without the need to be run constantly in the background, by having a set of processes that work in a way similar to a sleep mode, and reactivate when triggered.
6) The API included in the system includes the validation of the Product Key, and of the Product License. So when a new Product Key is registered, it will be verified.
7) The licensing validations included in the system were made to be compatible with OpenGL and DirectX licenses.
8) A new license feature has been introduced, based on the activation mechanism. This can be used to create a license with the activation of the game based on the user’s IP address.
License Features:
1) The license can be used to unlock software using the Internet connection, e.g. by a server.
2) In order to do this, the license must be signed by a special key.
3) If the license isn’t valid, the software won’t be activated.
4) The license can’t be changed, it is bound to a specific user.
5) When the license expires, the software won’t be activated.
6) The license can be updated.
7) The license has one to one correlation between an IP Address and a specific user.
8) The license can be used for a certain time period.
9) Each license has a unique serial number.
10) The license can be traded or sold.
11) The license is stored in a file.
12) The file is encrypted.
13) The server is implemented in the Go Language.

Activatar Crack+

– RSA 2048.
– Certificate issued by Comodo.
– Product Key generated by Activatar is designed for modern software that stores license in the registry.
– Activatar supports the following type of product: desktop software (i.e. softwares like Microsoft Office, Internet browser, photo editing suite, etc.).
– Activatar can control software running as a service or website (i.e. SharePoint Server, Contoso Widgets, WordPress).
– One or more licenses can be handled.
– Activatar is licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0.
– Activatar is released under the MIT License.


The web interface is accessible from this address: [ 

The web interface (Wix or Visual Studio Projects)

– Licensees: list all licenses, their status (valid, expired) and their expiration date.
– License: this view provides detailed information about the license, activated machines, machines where this license has been already activated, etc.
– License details: this view allows to retrieve some additional information about the license (ID, user, machine, activation date/time).
– License module: the system can control licenses from different sources, by different activation methods, and with different sets of licenses.
– License key: this view allows to display the license key, and to submit a new one. The license key can be generated automatically by Activatar.

Licenses languages:


The communication between Activatar and other systems is using the Protocol version 2.0.


1. Activatar can be used to control access to Microsoft Office and other Office products. The server works as a proxy between the end-user and Office servers and can control what features they use, and under which conditions. The end-user interacts with his machine using a web browser.


2. Activatar can be used to configure a website for the end

Activatar Incl Product Key Free [Win/Mac]

Activatar is distributed under the New BSD License. The software is statically linked.

What’s New In?

Uses KeyGen tool, a utility that generates a unique Product Key with a generated filename, based on a base64 encrypted key, that can be used to activate the product.
Allows the administrator to edit the generated Product Keys and generate a new Product Key base64 encrypted in the user’s choosing, and name.
After installation, an encrypted Product License key is generated and stored on user’s license file, based on the new valid Product Key.
Sends a signed Product License to Microsoft when a product is activated, which is verified by Microsoft’s Certificate Signing Service to confirm that this was done by the correct Machine.

Redistributing activation licenses:
You can pay the license through your distribution.
This license may not be transferred, reassigned, or redeployed for use on any other license.
If your organization deploys this product to other locations, you must purchase additional activation licenses for those locations.

Active License in a machine, unable to reinstall:
Upon installation, the system checks for the valid license on the target machine, and if not present, or not valid, it fails to install.

See also
:Category:Windows Activation Issues

External links
Activatar home page
KeyGen module home page

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System Requirements For Activatar:

PC Minimum System Requirements:
PC Recommended System Requirements:
Mac Recommended System Requirements:
Linux Recommended System Requirements:
PlayStation®4 Recommended System Requirements:
Xbox® One Recommended System Requirements:
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