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ǧ密舞会 Trainer Free [2022]

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Name 秘密舞会
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.78 / 5 ( 6750 votes )
Update (7 days ago)







Waifu Warfare is a casual combat game with waifu characters, that was developed by a team of professionals and with lots of love and many ideas from the dev team behind Discord Confidential
What is meant by casual combat?
Our mission was to bring a fun experience where the main focus is to find a balance between different aspects of a game: fun, pleasure, fair competition, and strategic aspects.
We tried to keep the experience playful and avoid a complicated gameplay that may makes it less accessible for everyone.
Now let’s have a deep dive about the story and the gameplay
The story of the game is about a grand party named Waifu Warriors, where several young men who would eventually become the best waifu in the region have been selected for a 5 year competition, where they compete against each other in order to defeat their opponent in the final battle and win the maximum prize money in the world.
One of them will win the title of “Main Waifu” and $500,000
The story is actually split in 3 acts, and each act has it’s own challenges that players will have to complete in order to get the best possible result.
After the introduction, players are introduced to the main character named “Miki”, the main heroine. The protagonist will advance in the story through various locations and events on his way to win the war, he will also fight other Waifu Warriors and, through the completion of different missions, he will be able to improve his waifus skills, get new waifus, enhance his waifu ability, and upgrade his waifu equipment.
There are, however, two other main characters that are the other waifu warriors that players are playing against: Da-man and Chikan. Da-man is a hot waifu who is actually the antagonist of the game, he represents the most popular type of waifu in the game, the “battle-type waifu”. Also, she is among the strongest female warriors of the game, usually placing first when it comes to the battles with the other female waifus.
Chikan is a cute waifu who represents the “senpai girl” type of waifu, she will act more like a friend to the player, sometimes even making jokes. Chikan’s strength is quite low when compared to Da-man’s, but she still has her few special abilities.
A few aspects of the game are


ǧ密舞会 Features Key:

  • 1 new puzzle for each challenge.
  • Challenge mode: 7 episode.
  • 4 new and varied puzzles!
  • Achievements to go for!
  • Levels to overcome!
  • Game Storyline:

    Russia is standing between two forces in an intense conflict. Russia has the strategic advantage of having an immense array of nuclear weapons and missiles. Though, it’s alliance with the U.S. has proved to be an issue due to several instances of diplomatic unrest. The North Korean invasion of Los Angeles has now finally pushed the U.S. to take drastic measures. Russia must be quickly contained and contained, they have long thought up a plan to strike first

    The players will decipher clues and defeat enemies to piece together the puzzle.


    This puzzle pack will take 1GB of space. Please be sure you have a space available on your PS3 before downloading the game. Downloading on the PS Vita will work as normal with 1 GB of space on the PS Vita. The game will be compatible with the PS Vita.

    You can join up to 4 friends or even battle it out against some friends online.

    The game will be compatible with the following controls


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    System requirements:
    Microsoft Windows XP or later;
    Mac OS X 10.2 or later;
    Intel Core 2 Duo processor;
    2 gigabytes of memory;
    3D graphics card.

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    Game “Gloom: Unhappy Homes” Gameplay:
    System requirements:
    Microsoft Windows XP or later;
    Mac OS X 10.2 or later;
    Intel Core 2


    What’s new in ǧ密舞会:

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